A Trusted Partner


As part of a global economy, the mining and bulk material handling industries must continuously find ways to stay competitive. With increasing demands, investing in efficiency and reliability are critical to sustaining growth in today’s market.

For more than four decades Richwood has been a trusted partner in contributing to the efficiency of these operations around the world. By offering real solutions through expert advice and best-in-class products and services, Richwood delivers long term operating cost reductions through engineered solutions to material handling demands for clients everywhere.

Our reputation is built on providing reliable performance and measurable return on investment for our clients. Higher productivity, lower cost per ton, improved safety and elimination of environmental issues associated with conveyor systems are what has made Richwood #1 in optimizing conveyor efficiency. 

Our mission has always been to partner with clients based on mutual respect and trust. Contact Richwood today and let our expert team provide efficiency recommendations for you.

Rely on Richwood.

“Our Richwood representative has played a major and valuable role in our efforts to improve the coal delivery system reliability.”

- Power Plant in the Southwest

“We value Richwood’s commitment to our facility.”

- Coal Mine in Northern Appalachia

With Richwood, “we had the best mine production in the company. The ore now reports to the mill every day, in volume, and the belts keep right on running.”

- Gold Company in the Southwest