The Richwood Front Runner Precleaner has a compact design for ease of fit in all applications

Conveyor belts have an increasing amount of demands placed on them. The fastest conveyors in the world are running up to 3000 fpm, though most generally run between 300-500 fpm.

With this much variance in application demands, there is no one-size-fits-all or off-the-shelf belt cleaner that can provide a dependable solution for carryback. That is why Richwood insists on application specific evaluations and engineering.

Different jobs require different tools, and the FRP Series by Richwood is exactly that. Where exceptional cleaning performance is needed in a compact area the FRP Series is an ideal choice. This heavy-duty precleaner is installed on the discharge pulley. It can be air-tensioned or tensioned with torque, single blade or multiple blade segments. 

The FRP Series is built with the highest quality and lowest maintenance needs you come to expect from Richwood solutions.