Belt Support and Impact Protection

An important component of a well-designed load zone is the support foundation. Properly designed, the foundation should provide a continuous impact bed that prevents punctures, rips and tears in the belt. It should also support the belt profile in a full radius trough profile. This creates the ideal base for safe loading of materials on the belt and is also the critical first step in preventing belt sag before the placement of other material containment and dust control components.

The Richwood Impact Saddle is the original impact and support unit with a curved trough design and slide-on slide-off UHMW wear segments. It is directly interchangeable with CEMA idlers.

Impact Saddles often work with Cushion Arc or Full Arc Idlers, depending on the needs of the load zone.

Cushion Arc Impact Idlers and Full Arc Impact Idlers have a full radius design for optimum profile support with no pinch points or junction points often found in conventional idlers. They can be installed as direct replacement for conventional idlers or combined with Richwood Impact Saddles to form perfectly matched, extended length load zones.

Every application is unique, and Richwood will design and build the solution that is right for you.