Pulley Lagging

Combi-Grip Conveyor Pulley Lagging

A wear resistant high grip solution for your lower tension conveyors.

Premium Pulley Lagging

Combi-Grip's unique design and superior materials make it the most innovative ceramic lagging product on the market.

Rated for use on pulleys up to 475 PIW, Combi-Grip™ is a durable solution to your most troublesome slippage problems.

Thickness Width Max Length Max PIW Ceramic Type Rubber Compound
5/8" 12.5" 144" 475 Dimpled SBR, MSHA, Nitrile


Combi-Grip's™ patented oval tiles and unique self-cleaning, water shedding grooves provide for longer wear life and greater traction for your drive pulleys.

Combi-Grip's™ tiles are embedded in our Richwood R2000LS premium rubber compound. This combination insures the ceramic tiles will stand up to your toughest conveyor applications.

Combi-Grip™ is custom made to provide maximum ceramic coverage on the width of your pulley. The easy to install strips are pre-buffed, primed, and packaged in a durable plastic sleeve to insure a clean, ready-to-install bond surface.

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