Pulley Lagging

Combi-Lagg® Ceramic Pulley Lagging

For maximum wear and slippage protection.


For well over a decade Richwood has been developing the most innovative and durable pulley lagging products in the industry. The technological advances behind our Combi-Lagg® Ceramic Lagging are the result of our extensive experience in solving the mining world's most demanding lagging applications.

Thickness Width Max Length Ceramic Type Rubber Compound
5/8" 12" 144" Dimpled, Smooth SBR, MSHA, Nitrile
3/4" 12" 144" Dimpled, Smooth SBR, MSHA, Nitrile
1" 12" 144" Dimpled, Smooth SBR, MSHA, Nitrile


Combi-Lagg® revolutionized the lagging industry with its embedded tile design. Our continued research involving the mechanics of how and why ceramic lagging drives a belt has ensured that our Combi-Lagg® ceramic lagging outlasts and provides more grip than any other ceramic lagging on the market.

The patented raised oval design of our ceramic tiles provide 5% more gripping edge than other ceramic tile designs and more than twice the friction of standard rubber lagging. Combi-Lagg® is the only ceramic lagging available in a range of thicknesses to meet the demands of your varying conveyor tensions.

Product Specs:

  • Higher Friction Values
  • Improved Belt Tracking
  • Sheds Water and Dirt
  • Easy Installation
  • Less Pulley Wear
  • Minimize Downtime

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