Reliable Wear Protection

RockPlate™ Rubber/Ceramic Matrix chute liners and RockFlex® Rubber chute liners will protect the integrity of the chute and minimize maintenance.

Custom fit in easy to handle pieces, magnetic backed or bolt-on style Richwood chute liners provide an easier, safer installation and maintenance alternative to metal or ceramic liners. 

Richwood reviews your application and provides specific recommendations based on the type of material, tonnage, drop height, lump size, bulk density, angle of impact and other factors to ensure the best wear life and serviceability for you.

Once application parameters are determined, a custom fit liner kit is designed and manufactured and the liners are shipped ready to install. Engineered prints can be provided with number reference drawings and pieces for simple installation.

Once in service, routine inspections can identify wear patterns and preventative maintenance recommendations can be made.

Cross reference of parts to the numbered print makes re-ordering easy. Replacement of worn parts in specific areas as needed is a simple process that doesn’t require re-working the entire chute. 

Unmatched rubber compound and ceramic quality create dependable chute protection that allow for longer wear life and less maintenance. For more efficient operations rely on Richwood chute liners.