Industry Leading Pulley Lagging

Eliminating drive slippage is of primary importance for efficient conveyor operations. Richwood lagging systems are an effective long-term solution to conveyor drive problems.

Over twenty-five years of experience with pulley lagging research and manufacturing has resulted in continuous advances in rubber blends, tile designs and tread patterns. Industry leading specifications, unmatched quality and constant improvement assure unsurpassed performance.

Richwood offers a variety of lagging solutions that are tailored for the needs of the application. Combination rubber and ceramic lagging provides increased traction, shed water and dirt, and help improve belt tracking. Rubber blends from Richwood are a high wear resistant rubber, providing the best in abrasion resistance and gripping strength. 

All Richwood lagging is made in our Huntington, West Virginia facility, giving you industry-leading delivery times, even for non-standard compounds.

Contact Richwood for recommendations for your application.