Partnerships based on mutual respect and trust

For more than 40 years, Richwood has committed to be a valuable partner to clients in the bulk material handling industry. Heavy-duty conveyor accessories like belt cleaners, Impact Saddles® and wear liners have been an important part of providing innovative solutions. Today, Richwood Technical Field Services is a growing part of that partnership.

Mobilization of Richwood’s expert technical staff can be an asset at locations that are increasing productivity while trying to maintain staffing costs. Richwood Technical Field Service continues to expand its range of services and develop strong partnerships with our clients. Richwood understands that busy bulk material handling operations have two main goals, Safety and Productivity. Our reliable and efficient installation and maintenance services provided by expert professionals have been proven to increase the availability, safety and operating cost efficiency of belt conveyor systems while reducing workload on site maintenance personnel. Simply put, Richwood Technical Field Services delivers the kind of results that our clients need.

Technical Field Services is a natural extension of Richwood’s commitment to our overall mission: “The people of Richwood design and manufacture premium conveyor accessories and provide services that help our customers optimize productivity in bulk material handling. Our reliable presence helps ensure our clients’ safety and profitability in their operations. Richwood’s goal is to create long-term relationships built on mutual respect and trust.”

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