Richwood provides site-specific engineered solutions

With over 45 years of experience, Richwood solves problems and increases efficiency for a wide variety of bulk material handling clients around the world. In response to client needs, our capacity has expanded to include designing and manufacturing complete transfer chutes that provide maximum through-put for optimum productivity.

Richwood designed transfer chutes are designed for safety and efficiency. Design features include:

  • Integrated maintenance access.
  • Custom, modular liner packages that focus on high wear areas and are easy to maintain.
  • The ability to accommodate changes in product flow, from partial to full capacity.
  • Sufficient space to maintain belt cleaning equipment.

Better chute design allows you to move material as efficiently as possible from the loading point to the discharge point in a way that saves time, energy, and money.

Increased efficiency means, minimal wear on components (including the conveyor belt), less belt downtime, and maximum product reaching its final location. Rely on Richwood engineered transfer chutes to provide peak performance.